Since 1981 - Celebrating 37 years
Sully Class

Specialised Classes Full of Fun and Imagination For Young Children

Tuesday: The Old School, Sully

Little Ballerina Class: Ages 3/5 years. Time 4.15pm to 5pm

Let's Pretend Class: Ages 6/8 years. Time 5pm to 6pm

Friday: The Victoria Park Community Hall, Barry

Let's Pretend Class: Ages 4/7 years. Time 5pm to 6pm

Dance & Perform Class: Ages 8/10 years. Time 6pm to 7pm

Dance & Perform Class: Ages 11 years upwards... Time 7pm to 8pm

Saturday: The Victoria Park Community Hall, Barry

Baby Blossom Class: From Walking Age to 2 years. Time 9.15am to 10am (Parent and child together)

Little Blossom Ballet Class: Ages 2/3 years. Time 10.15am to 11am (Parent and child together)

Little Ballerina Class: Ages 3/4 years. Time 11am to 12 noon

Let's Pretend Class: Ages 5/7 years. Time 12 noon to 1pm

Dance & Perform Class: Ages 8/9 years. Time 1pm to 2pm

Dance & Perform Class: Ages 10 years upwards. Time 2.30pm to 3.30pm

Saturday: All Saint's Church Hall, Penarth

Little Blossom Ballet Class: From Walking Age to 3 years. Time 9am to 9.45am (Parent and child together)

Little Ballerina Class: Ages 3/4 years. Time 10am to 11am

Let's Pretend Class: Ages 5/7 years. Time 11.15am to 12.15pm

Dance & Perform Class: Ages 8/9 years. Time 12.15pm to 1.15pm

Baby Blossom/Little Blossom Ballet Class, where you can watch your little blossom grow into a budding ballerina..

These classes are specially designed for those children who are not yet ready to be left by a parent, who can stay and join in if necessary helping to build their child's confidence, and watch their child progress in this delightful class, which is essential to the well being of a child in a dance class at such a young age. Pure enjoyment while learning all the basic dance steps and lifelong skills. Children will have the use of all the lovely props, puppets, ribbons, balls, bean bags, stars, wings, wands, pretty skirts etc and when ready can progress onto the next level when the parent can leave being reassured that their child is happy and settled in their dance class.

Little Ballerina Class

This is the next stage - where children are happy to be left without a parent and can enjoy a little indepen-‘dance’ .

Bringing a special doll/teddy/toy we sit  together in a ‘getting to know you circle’, where we introduce ourselves, share news and laugh quite a lot!...then its ready-steady-go… to begin our  fun loving dance activity - a Gentle warm up, Good toes and Naughty toes , Pretend and Dance  with Sensory props, Have fun in the Circus, Visit the Fairy Garden, Go to the Fairy Queen’s Birthday Party, Dance and Sing with the Portside Pirates plus lots more to enjoy and share together being a "Little Ballerina".

‘Let’s Pretend’...

Specialised classes for children from the age of 4 years.  We have lots of lovely fairy tales, inspiration and imagination to keep them spell bound. We again use props, wands, wings, stars, ribbons, musical instruments, parachute, parasols, ribbon rings, floating scarfs etc to help take them into the wonderful world of magic and dance. 

Dance & Perform Classes

Includes Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre, Drama, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro-Dance, Ballroom and  Creative Dance. 

These classes develop:-


Gaining knowledge of using Musicality and Rhythmic Coordination in Dance Routines. 

Freedom of Expression.

Graded Ballet Examinations

Medal Tests and Performance Awards

The school uniform/shoes are obligatory and can only be purchased from the Dancing School.

We do not allow any other dancewear/shoes to be worn in our classes.