Since 1981 - Celebrating 41 years

GQAL Examinations in Dance

Fully accredited by the Office and Examination Regulations OFQUAL. Private lessons by arrangement.

Medal Tests

Performance based award system organised by all leading Dance organisations for pupils from 3 years of age to gain the necessary skills, experience and confidence to make progress in the art of dance.

Performance Awards

These awards provide an opportunity for students who love to dance and perform but may not want the commitment needed for graded dance examinations. Students who choose Graded Examinations can also take Performance Awards
alongside their examinations if desired.

International Certification of Dance Studies CID

The International Dance Council CID is the official umbrella organisation for all forms of dance in all countries of the world and offers an International Certificate of Dance Studies for every module of instruction in any given form of dance. The goal is to create a uniform platform for dance education.

Examinations/Medal Tests/Performance Awards give the opportunity to have a child’s progress evaluated by an independent governing body to ensure the highest standards of teaching are maintained.