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EXAMINATIONS & PERFORMANCE AWARDS 2022 ~ Sunday 26th June 2022 in the Victoria Park Hall, Barry

ROY CASTLE TAPATHON 2022 ~ Sunday 22nd May 2022 in the Victoria Park Hall, Barry.

EASTER EGG HUNT ~ Saturday 16th April 2022 in the Victoria Park Hall, Barry. Dancing School Pupils Only, Tickets £3 each available in classes.


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Dance School of the Year 2021/2022

Celebrating 41 Years of Dance in 2022

Anthea M King School of Dancing is a Recognised School with CDMT and has been awarded the certificate of good professional practice. Schools awarded CDMT's Recognised School Award demonstrate to students, parents and guardians that they adhere to the standards demanded by the industry; standards designed to protect and safeguard young people whether dancing for leisure or with an eye to a career in the profession.


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Tapathon 2019

TAPATHON 2019 UPDATE ~ The Performers Project has emailed today, Wednesday 27th November, to inform us that the current annual record for the Tapathon event is 7596 and this year 2019 it reached 7612 - hopefully, the record attempt is well and truly on it's way!! - from all the Dancing Schools that took part the huge file of photos and witness statements are now being collated and the process of submitting the Tapathon event figure has begun - this will take some months so we have to be patient and wait.....

Nationally the attempt has raised more than £38,300 for BBC Children in Need and we have been part of this amazing achievement....huge congratulations to everyone who made this possible - thank you all so very much!!





This is a true fairytale story and it began 24 years ago when a little boy named Philip age 6 years come to dance class. He had been asking him mum for sometime if he could start as he came every Saturday morning with his mum to bring his sister and finally she said he was getting on her nerves and could he please come to a class also saying I  don’t know how long it will last but I’m happy for him to give it a try ....after numerous Medal Tests, shows,performances in London, lead parts in our yearly school pantomime he left to go to University, but never really left because he still called in with fresh cream cakes, made cups of tea and was always ready to 'fix' and repair anything that needed attention, during those years a very strong bond grew between us and he became such a huge part of our family , he was an usher at Alicia’s wedding  and he was always there for me I only had to ask and it would happen! ........ in those early years a little 6 year old girl named Jessica also started dancing and joined the same class , everyone got on really well and it was a very happy,friendly and supportive class and it was one of those  classes where most children were exceptionally good and whatever you gave them they would keep working at it until they got it right. Jessica, like all the other girls really enjoyed having  Philip in class, I never had to deal with anyone saying ‘I don’t want to hold a boy’s hand ‘ etc , as time passed and the ups and downs of daily life took its toll with some of the girls Philip was always there to give his support but when Jessica  went  through a difficult time the friendship grew stronger.  Jessica also headed off to University but still continued to attend classes. Jessica like Philip took numerous Medal Tests, appeared in every show and also took lead parts in our yearly pantomimes plusPhilJess2 danced in Disneyland Paris and appeared in all the leading London Theatres. Philip became a Chaperone and helped with the boy’s choreography, fitting the boy’s costume etc and on one occasion at the end of a dance in a London show carried Karys from one side of the stage to the other up 3 flights of stairs to the dressing room after she sustained an injury at the end of the dance ..... I always felt if Philip was with us I didn’t have to worry about anything he took command and dealt with the situation. Christmas 2016 Philip proposed to Jessica and they got engaged and it really came as no surprise as we all knew it would eventually happen! We were all waiting in anticipation for the ‘big day’ and last year they started making plans for their wedding  and just a few weeks ago they asked Robert if he would choreograph their ‘first dance‘. Thrilled and excited we were all looking forward to their Wedding Day which took place yesterday Saturday 12th May 2018. A rainbow 🌈 themed wedding which filled the whole event with the colours in their lives and we hope that ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow will be full of love, health and happines for these two very special people who richly deserve to be blessed with all that they wish for .... they have given me unbelievable joy because through the dancing school they met and became ‘husband and wife’.  ❤️XX