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  • Please do not bring your child/children to class if they are unwell. They will not miss a lesson because there will be an online class for them to follow on the Private Group Page.

  • Please make sure your child/children use the toilet before they come to class, we will obviously allow them to use the toilet if necessary during class time but it will minimise the risk if not used.

  • Hand Sanitiser stations are available upon entry and exit.

  • Parents are not allowed in the halls at this current time.


The doors of the halls in which classes are held are locked within fire regulations and not opened until the end of class time.

If a student has to be collected early please inform us beforehand and also give us the name of the person who will be collecting the student.

A register for each class is maintained by the teacher and attendance records kept for the purpose of health/safety/security.
This will be used if required for Track and Trace for Covid19.

Admissions / Fees

We do not offer 'trial/taster' classes. We charge only for the 1st lesson which includes insurance during class time and also to give the opportunity to see if the student enjoys and is suited to the class.


Dancing Fees are paid half termly.

School Uniform

We take pride in the professionalism of the School and we enforce a uniform policy so all our dancers look the same, feel comfortable and the focus is on dancing and learning rather than 'what someone else is wearing'. The uniform also complies with our Equal Oppourtunities/Health/Safety/Safeguarding and Insurance Policies.


The complete uniform and shoes are fitted and purchased from the dancing school at a discounted price.

Please ensure uniform/shoes are labelled.

Food and Drink

Children need to bring a drink in their dance bag so please ensure the top is secure. DEFINITELY NO FOOD /SNACKS/SWEETS/CHOCOLATE TO BE BROUGHT INTO THE HALL. Unfortunately our usual celebration of birthdays with cake etc will now have to cease until such time we can continue with this celebration, however, we will continue to celebrate birthdays in dance class but in a different way so please don't forget to remind us of your child’s special day so we can be prepared.


It is essential that all students are correctly equipped and dressed for class:-

Wearing correct uniform

Bringing correct shoes

Long hair to be tied back preferably in a bun

Short hair also brushed and clipped back of the face

Braids are dangerous so if they have them in their hair they need to be clipped back.

Jewellery and watches to be removed


These rules are for the well being and safety of all the students in class and teachers alike, so we are able to see students are dancing correctly and safely.


Regular attendance is encouraged if students wish to progress and maintain their technique and flexibility.

It will be the Teacher's Professional opinion when students are ready to be moved up a class so they are able to work and enjoy the level required.

Photography / Recordings

If you do not want your child included in any photographs or recordings taken by a teacher during class time which may be shown on social media pages please inform us immediately.


Any shows/events etc regarding photographs/recordings a separate notification will be sent by email for your consent or otherwise.


We do not allow photographs or recordings of any kind to be taken by parents, families or friends in all dance classes. 

Music and syllabus work is copyright protected.


We aim to teach all students in a safe, happy, friendly, caring and disciplined environment and we teach to a Professional Code of Conduct and adhere to the Professional Policies and Procedures set by The Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre. Copies are available on request.