Since 1981 - Celebrating 41 years

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone in the Dance School for your hard work. Elin started dance when she was 2 years old and I remember the first day like it was yesterday, albeit 4 years ago now. She was young lacked confidence and shy and I was a first time anxious mum leaving her in your hands. I was relieved she not only got through the session but enjoyed it and wanted to go back. Having looked back over the years I realised that on many occasions Saturday has never come round quick enough for her - she doesn't want to miss a day, and whilst there has been other social groups that have come and gone she has stayed with you all with such passion and motivation. At 6 years old, she still maintains that excitement, motivation and determination, she dances around the kitchen, talks of becoming a ballerina and remains passionate about her dancing. I commend you all on your patience and hard work and commitment to the children. Even now I shed a tear when I see her at medal tests and dance shows for parents. She is so looking forward to her London appearance and has her own little followers, she would not be the confident, dance diva she is today, and that is down to the hard work you all put in. So thank you all.