Since 1981 - Celebrating 38 years

Anthea King started teaching me from a young age, Ballet, Tap and Demi Character work. I always strived to do my best & learnt so much from my years at this school under her eye. I always loved attending class, it was my favourite thing to do, and now as a mother to a 10 year old I have learnt that through the joy of wanting to attend an activity lies an incredible mentor, teacher & friend. I am now 36 & yet still to this day look up to this inspiring teacher & consider Anthea King to be my all time idol. Anthea's way of teaching is like no other I have ever known, you only have to attend one single class to know that her ultimate passion & zest for life is passing on the "art" of dance to young & big children alike. The glow in children's eyes as they attend their classe & the joy of seeing their mentor, role model, idol ... Teacher, for the first time that week, well this speak a thousand words. As I say, I am now 36 years old. A dance school doesn't survive this long in business unless it's going "something right"? Right? As I became older, and more advanced technically, I was fortunate enough to assist Anthea King with her younger classes, and those moments I treasure in my heart the most. I have many special memories, but for me it was the love of dance that I had in my heart, that was nurtured by my role model, my teacher. Do I feel this school should be recognised as "Dance School Of The Year" well ... In my eyes it is already recognised as this, and has done in my heart for many many years. I would love nothing more though, but for this school to be recognised officially as such.