Since 1981 - Celebrating 41 years

The Anthea King School of Dancing was recommended to me by a neighbour who had seen my little girl dancing in the garden and thought she would enjoy it. I enrolled my daughter with the dancing school at two and a half and she enjoyed it so much that she still dances with the school now at twenty seven! The Anthea King School of Dancing has helped to make her the person she is today by giving her confidence, poise, patience, compassion and a sense of working together in harmony with others, all gained through her dancing. At the Dancing School my daughter has learned a wide variety of dance skills and styles which has enabled her to pass yearly medal tests, progressing through the levels and regularly attaining the highest grade of honours. The dancing school have also given her the opportunity to perform in various west end theatres on numerous occasions including nov this year. I would highly recommend the Anthea King Sschool of Dancing to any parent looking for a high quality, caring, enjoyable dancing school. The schools principal, Anthea King, makes every child feel special and loved, from the"baby blossoms" to the "terrible teenagers" (and older!). The children learn to dance and grow in a well structured, disciplined, respectful and happy environment. The Dancing School has a very family orientated ethos, I am looking forward to many more happy years associated with the Anthea King School of Dancing.


My daughter Mollie Mai has been going to ballet with Anthea King School of Dancing since she was two, and is now 9 years old. I met Mrs King when my niece went a few years before, there was never another choice of ballet school. My daughter has been and tried many clubs over the years but has only ever stuck at ballet. I like the way we are made to feel part of a family group. She encourages the children to reach their full potential. I can't ask for anymore for my daughter she really enjoys being part of the team of dancers, and is proud to do so.


I have two daughters who really enjoy attending The Anthea King School of Dance. Besides learning to dance both girls have grown in confidence under Anthea's warm, friendly, patient and professional teaching. My girls always leave their lesson with a smile on their face! It is a fantastic school.


I have three children attending Anthea King's School of Dancing, My son and Daughter have been for over eight years now , My daughter only 17 months old when she first started, and their younger sister for the past two years. In this time I have seen them grow in confidence and ability, through their amazing shows and medal tests that they do each year. The teachers are professional, caring and enthusiastic. They have also been given several incredible opportunities through the dancing school including performing on stage in The Royal Albert Hall, The London Palladium and Her Majesty's Theatre. Above all else principal Anthea King has given them an incredible gift by sharing with and teaching them the love of dance, which they will take with them through their lives. We look forward to what the future holds for the Dancing School and I highly recommend anyone looking for a dancing school to choose this one to take their children on a journey into the wonderful world of dance.


Both my daughters attend Anthea M King School of Dancing. My eldest child is 10 years old and has been attending since the age of 2 ½. My youngest daughter has been attending for just over a year. Mrs. Anthea King’s excellent reputation of being one of the most qualified and experienced dance teachers is echoed throughout the town of Barry where we live. I am very pleased with the dance teaching my children receive as Anthea has many years of dance experience, having studied at the Royal Academy of Dance. She has been the principal at Anthea King School of Dancing from 1981 to present. Anthea’s dedicated and caring attitude has proven a blessing to my eldest Daughter, Keira, who is quite shy and lacks confidence. Anthea has helped to build Keira’s self-confidence and determination though fun and structured lessons. Anthea’s dedication and professionalism always ensure that the children and adults in the School of Dancing present the best possible performance to the best of their ability. Anthea is a talented and inspirational dance teacher who is sensitive to all student’s needs. Parent’s feel she is approachable and she is encouraging to all who are taught by her. I fully recommend that Mrs. Anthea M. King be considered as a winning applicant for the Dance School of the Year.